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How to Look for Reviews Online that are Genuine.

A large percentage of people rely on online reviews before purchasing a product. Depending on what they read online about the product, they will decide whether to purchase the product or not. So many positive reviews can make a client make up their mind about buying a commodity. However, not all reviews are genuine, some people are paid by different brands to write positive reviews about them online. Buyers are now having a problem of identifying a genuine reviews from other reviews which are not genuine. Well, the below points will help you in finding trusted reviews online.

As a buyer you should not settle for only one positive review that you have seen online. Check for reviews from different platforms online. Past clients usually post reviews on a product on different sites, for example, if you are thinking of buying a charger, check the reviews on that charger from different sites. If you get same results from many sites, then the reviews are genuine.

Another factor to check is the tone and style used on the reviews. One way of knowing that the reviews cannot be trusted is having similar tone and style of writing in all reviews. If you find yourself in need of buying a book and in all sites the books has been reviewed in different writing and tone, then the reviews are genuine.

There are sites which are known for giving trusted reviews. If you are looking for reviews about hotels and travel companies, it is advisable to check travel bureau websites. Reviews on these bureaus are trusted reviews. Depending on where you live, check the reviews on different products from their relevant bureaus.

Another way to tell if reviews are genuine is to check the duration between different reviews. Reviews posted at different times are an indication that the reviews are genuine. Getting many reviews on the same product within a limited time, the reviews may not be trusted.

people close to you can help you in getting sites that you can check for trusted reviews. If someone used a review to purchase a product and the product was exactly as the review had described it, one should consider using the site they have given you.

One way of identifying a genuine site reviews is by the number of products they do reviews on. They write the differences and similarities between different products.

Reviews that over praise the product they are doing a review on, in most case they are marketing it.

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